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Knowledge Of Wealth...Wealth Of Knowledge!

।। न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते।। (अध्याय 4.38, श्रीमत् भगवत गीता)

There is nothing as sublime and pure as knowledge.

He is a passionate entrepreneur. He hails from a business family. While doing the business of financial services and financial products distribution, he realized that he was spending his resources more on creating financial literacy and awareness than on doing the main business of providing financial services and products. This business analysis lead him to following conclusions...

  • That Money is the most valuable resource on the Mother Earth. So it should be managed wisely and timely.
  • This needs financial literacy and awareness, especially amongst the bottom of pyramid of the society.
  • That with the change in socio- economic conditions in India, wide spread financial literacy and awareness has become vital for the sustainable and long lasting financial and economic development of both, the people and the economy.
  • That, in the Indian context, pushing financial literacy and awareness is more logical and wise thing to do than pushing the financial products alone.
  • That, creation of financial literacy and awareness is a continuous and an ongoing process.
  • That further means such a financial literacy and awareness amongst the masses can be achieved only through the vernacular or regional languages.
  • That to achieve this goal, the financial and economic information and knowledge should be communicated to the people at large.
  • That further underlines an urgent need of a trustworthy media to reach upto the last mile of the society for their financial and economic upliftment and development.

This ultimately gave birth to the idea of...

Arth Mantra

Knowledge Of Wealth.... Wealth Of Knowledge!

Yogesh Wattamwar

Yogesh Wattamwar

Mission Arth Mantra ....

  • To provide people with " What they should like to read ", rather than " What they like to read".
  • People and their financial and economic development is at the centre of Arth Mantra.
  • At Arth Mantra, the focus will be on FINANCE, BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS only, with the only objective of betterment and development of the people and the economy of India.
  • To nourish entrepreneurship in the society and to create an ecosystem to nurture it in the long run.
  • To promote use of new technologies in financial services and products to make life easier, better and happier.
  • To contribute in making India a financial superpower.

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